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Monday, April 7, 2008

Who to Root For?

So the WCHA got a record-breaking 6 teams into the NCAA's, yet only one made it to "the show". To be honest, the most that I was expecting was two, so this result isn't too surprising.

Midwest: Everyone knew that at least one WCHA team would make it, and it would come from this regional. No one expected Princeton to get past one, let alone two, WCHA schools. UW was a surprise with their blowout of DU, and the regional final was a great game. UND advances, UW and DU have their seasons cut short.

East: Did anyone honestly think that SCSU could break the curse/streak? Michigan pretty much got a free pass to the F4, which is to be expected when you are the #1 overall seed. SCSU lost in the first round. Again.

Northeast: UMN had a tough test if they wanted to get to Denver. BC proved that they are a good team, and while Miami certainly wasn't as good as their record indicated (or as good as people in the CCHA thought they were), they were still a great overall team that could have advanced. Not a dynasty, that's for sure. UMN exits in the first round as well.

West: Here is where I was expecting the other WCHA school to come from. CC was the strongest WCHA team all season, and then they pretty much laid down for the last 3 games against UMN, UND, and MSU. Still, they were in what I considered the toughest regional with UNH and the defending champs. But they had home ice (where their record was amazing), so I figured they would get through. I was wrong. But I'm guessing that everyone picked this regional wrong...who would have guessed that freakin Notre Dame would make it to Denver?? CC gone in the first too.

So there we are...start with 6, and now down to just one. Now the real question. As WCHA fans, do you stick with WCHA loyalty and cheer on the Sioux, or do you cheer for another team? Here's my thinking: I could never root for Boston College (darn east-coasters) or Michigan (9 titles...but only 2 since 1965!). So I am hoping for a UND/ND final, and then I'll figure out which team to root for at that time.

See you all in Denver.

*Above picture shamelessly stolen from CHN.


Jon said...

Hey, thanks for rubbing in the fact that I now have to root for BC. AGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!

MeanEgirl said...


Where the hell were you this weekend?!? Another weekend, another no show.

wwn said...

What are you talking about Meg? I spoke with you for a good 5 minutes or so during the Thursday games. :)

And then I saw you again at Magness for the posters game. But I was just in the crowd, so I'm not sure if anyone saw me up there.

MeanEgirl said...

That's crap and you know it! It doesn't count if you don't tell me that it's you! >=(

I talked to a TON of people during the Thursday games. I have no idea....


At least Swami had the decency to tell me it was him when he finally met me this weekend. Although I think I would've eventually figured it out because of his awesomeness. You don't have that though, so I have no way of knowing it's you...