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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Review: Frozen Four Posters Game

For the 2nd straight season, the WCHA failed to win the national title. And worse yet, those damn easterners took home the grand prize, with the hated BC Eagles winning it all. Hopefully the WCHA can bring the title back next season. The best game of the weekend: The USCHO Poster's Game at Magness Arena. I was in the stands watching the festivities and enjoyed it immensely.
Best Fight: SloeGin vs. Arafel
Cutest Poster: Tie between MeanEgirl and Quizmire (although Quiz won points for doing the shootout in just her sports bra)
Best Sponsor: LetsGoDU and Puck Swami
Poster with the Best Tan: The Darkness
Best Shootout Move: Lord Sidious (too bad that he didn't get it in the net)
Best Shootout Snipe: pgb-ohio
Best Shooter: Arafel
Best Skater: brianvf
Best Assist Man: MinnesotaNorthStar
Best Hockey Pants: Tie between Mavboni Pilot and MinnesotaNorthStar
Best Post-Goal Celebration: SloeGin
Best Playoff Beard: Bakunin
Biggest Goon/Hack: Arafel (for her two-handed chop on shrader)
Biggest Whiner: shrader (after said hack)
Best/Worst Ref: Eric
Best PDA: SloeGin and Quizmire
Best Jersey: con1977 and his game-worn UW jersey
Most Time Spent Sprawled On Ice/Best Newbie: Mowers10
Hottest Photographer: UNHhockey29
Hairiest Photographer: thecomicbookguy
Best Play-by-Play: GreatLakerMohawk

Any that I missed? I look forward to watching this again next year in's too bad that I just found out about it this year.

Look for the Whiner of the Year to come out in a few days...


redwing77 said...

Nice write up!

Could you ID those in the picture? I know that the hot chick in the MTU uni is MEg (I better get points for saying that ;) ). I'd love to know who everyone else is.

What about Whiner of the NCAAs? Whiner of the Frozen Four?

Great blog, WWN.

Dirty said...

MEg is weaing an UAA jersey. You lose again.

brianvf said...

Top Row (left to right): GLM, shrader, brianvf, Lord Sidious, MNS, Bakunin, Mowers10, Eric

Bottom Row: pgb-ohio, The Darkness, Quizmire, Geist, con1977, MEg, BCEagle

There were more skaters there, but some left before the picture was taken.

And yes, MEggie was wearing a UAA jersey. :)

redwing77 said...

Oops. Well, sorry MEg. That gold color just seems to melt together. UAA Gold, MTU Gold... Oh well.

brianvf- Thanks!

D said...

Appreciate the props on the jersey. It was my first gamer and the one that started this little addiction that has me at 17 gamers in all. Matt is one of my top 5 all time favorite Badgers, so getting that jersey was extra sweet.

Brandon said...

what PDA? Quiz and I had no PDA out there! ;)

Best Penalty Box Rant goes to Darkness complaining how they were trying to keep the black man down.

Jon said...

I can't stand the suspense any longer: Who is the whiner of the year? There are many fine candidates so far...
(please please be UNH fans)