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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Whiner of the Week: Mar 19th

I was actually surprised at the amount of whining that took place during and after the WCHA 1st round playoff series. And by that, I mean the lack of it. I don't know what happened, as I expected so much more. Maybe people are just getting ready for the end of the season. Or maybe the classic Gopher instigators are living in a hole somewhere after their less-than-stellar year. Who knows. The only series that really stuck out to me with complaining was the MSUM/UMN series, which featured a combined 22 overtime periods or something along those lines. That whining was mainly directed at the officials, who seemed to lose their whistles in the overtime periods, except for when calling too many men penalties. :) But I didn't think that was enough to get them the award this week. Neither of the fanbases stuck out more than the other.

So, for this week, we are doing something different. This week's award is more of a "lifetime season achievement" WOTW. After saying that, I'm sure most of you already know who this week's lucky winner is. :) Whether it be his comical, over-the-top rants about how much he dislikes every other team (and their fanbases/towns/coaching staff/etc) in the league, his lofty preseason predictions for his team that they can never live up to, or his over-analytical responses to trolling posters who comment on his blog, his posts are pure comedy. Sometimes you can't be sure if he is actually taking himself seriously or if he is just trying to get a rise out of others. Either way, his WOTW-approved blog is GOLD. Good examples of fun can be found here, here, and here. And that's just in the past week!

Congratulations to the Whiner of the Week:

Donald and his UAA Fan Blog

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MeanEgirl said...

I need to step up my whining on the THB. Geez.

Btw... you came to meet me last weekend, didn't you? Way to remain anonymous. The thing with that is that there was more than just one person that did it, so I still don't know who the hell you are.

I'm on to you though.