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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Whiner of the Week: Mar 12th

The college hockey world has entered the best time of year: playoff hockey. Now is the time when some dreams get crushed, others get realized, and whining gets even more rampant. Without further ado, some of this week's nominees:
  • Well, the CC/DU series produced a nominee, but couldn't climb itself to the top of the pile. Maybe a potential postseason meeting between the teams would change that. Evidently the CC fans were a bit vulgar during the Saturday game...the comments section there was quite humorous. Seems that a CC fan was irritated enough by this that he started a thread on USCHO whining about the whining DU fans. Beautiful. After your team gets swept by your biggest rival, this might just be wishful thinking.
  • Michigan fans were whining all weekend about how they should be ranked #1 in the polls because they had fewer losses than CC and UND. Who cares? It's the USCHO poll. At least they got their wish, and Michigan is back to #1 this week so they can shutup about it.
  • How many more UND newbie posters can there be on the USCHO message boards? There were like 5 or 6 new ones in the last 3 days alone. At least half of them have been banned/suspended already.

We have another first for the WOTW award. For the first time, the award is given to an individual person...and a collegiate hockey player to boot. Rather than rehash the entire incident, I will just point you to this. Sure, I've called out LGM in the past for her sometimes annoying posts, but there is no excuse for doing what that player did. Physically confronting a fan of your own team just because she said that she didn't like you on her blog? Sounds like someone needs to learn how to handle criticism a bit better...and to top it off, my poor little MEg might be emotionally scarred due to the incident as well, since she was there too. :) Regardless, you don't do that crap, especially not to a woman. And for that...

Congratulations to the Whiner of the Week:

Kurt Davis of the Minnesota State Mavericks


Anonymous said...

The information LGM wrote is false. You may want to check your sources next time. LGM has a beef against Davis and has made him a target. Last year, it was Wagner.

Runninwiththedogs said...

The information is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT TRUE. There were LOTS of witnesses.

LGM actually really liked Davis and never posted anything negative about him on her blog until she met him. She went up to him and said she was really excited he had come to MSU and complimented him on his play, and then he verbally berated him in front of the rest of the team. The REST of the team stood up for HER.

And now this incident. Davis is an embarrassment to the Maverick program. This boils down to a player attacking an alumna/donor/season ticket holder.

Bravo, WWN. Great pick! Although really, there need to be more posts about whiners.

Anonymous said...

I was at the bar too. It appeared that “LetsGoMavs” and her friends purposely ran into Davis unless you call putting your arm out to brace yourself (beer in other) pushing. Plus, she has at least 100 lbs on him. She may have said nice things about Davis in the beginning, but when he said he didn't like her blog, the slandering of his character and hockey ability began. She can't get over it and is obsessed. She says she is a MAVS fan. If she were, she would embrace the team instead of tearing it apart with her fanatical behavior toward Davis (who has contributed to the team's success). Next, she will be claiming rape. If I were Davis, I would seek protection. Anon2

WinTwins57 said...

WWN, you've won me over with this post! :) LGM has absolutely nothing to gain by lying about this. What's the point? She's an adult and this little loser is a college kid who can't take any criticism. WOW! That's all you can say about this guy! It's scary to think someone with such an obvious personality disorder can be playing on a college hockey team. Opened MY eyes.

Oh, and Anon2, WOW is all I can say about you too. To suggest that LGM's next step would be to claim rape is really over the top. You should be so proud of yourself coming up with that one. You're as big a loser as Davis. Wait! IS this Davis? Or his mommy? Or his brother?? Huh, something to think about...

LetsGoMavs said...

Anon #1 and Anon #2- I'm guessing you're the same person...just like on my blog. Site meter shows me it's the same person coming to just a hunch here.

Anon#1- Yes, I was not a Wagner fan. However, difference there is that I saw Wagner on many, many occasions (he knew who I was) and he NEVER came at me or screamed at me. See, my guess is that Wagner knew better and realized that when you're an athlete you're open to critizism and need to just let it be.

Anyone can doubt my story, as I the people with me. MEg is the perfect example, she saw it all.

Anonymous said...

Can't blame LGM for the inability of Davis to play hockey well.

As for the 'slandering' Davis thing, thats just stupid. There is a lot of agreeing that Davis did what he did, by anonymous and non-anonymous commenters, and that it was wrong so I don't see where 'slander' applies. She hasn't lied about the situation and has many people backing her with the accounts of the night. LGM had no malice intent to write because it was not false. That is not slander. SLANDER-a malicious, false, and defamatory statement or report.

And about the claims escalating to a sexual nature, I just have nothing to say. I can't believe anybody would write such a thing. That just inferiates me to no end.