For all those people out there that love to read about the complaining from the WCHA hockey-folk. This blog is played to the tune of the Journey song, "Who's Crying Now?"

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Welcome everyone, to the first installment of "WCHA Hockey: Who's Whining Now?".

This blog will be devoted mainly to the fans/players/teams/coaching staffs of the 10 WCHA teams. After perusing through many a message board, blog, and newspaper article, I have decided that the constant whining that comes from the WCHA is quite humorous, and a record of the fun needed to be kept. So here it is, for your viewing pleasure.

Although the blog title suggests that this blog will be limited to just the WCHA...that will not always be the case. Sometimes, a special case outside of the WCHA will arise and warrant a nomination for the "Whiner of the Week". Those will be documented here as well.

So sit back, pop in a Journey album, and enjoy.


Jon said...

Journey? Bwahahahahaha! I have four words for that:
Dommo Arigato Mr Roboto!

wwn said...

You're right. I probably should have gone with Styx or REO.


dggoddard said...

I really like the premise of you're blog and think that he has great potential. Good luck.