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Friday, February 22, 2008

WCHA Weekly Preview

UAA Seawolves @ DU Pioneers

Summary: The Seawolves, who haven't won in their last 5 games, head down to Colorado to take on the Pioneers, fresh off getting swept by UND. Conventional wisdom says that the 3rd place team should sweep the 10th place team. But UAA is far from a conventional 10th place team.
WWN Says: Have to root for the Pios here. Having met quite a few of their fans, they're a cool group to hang with. On the other side, it is really funny to watch Donald predict a top 5 finish for UAA, year after year after year. Plus, LetsGoDU >>> UAA Fan Blog.

Michigan Tech Huskies @ St. Cloud State Huskies

Summary: The battle of the Huskies. Tech has cooled off, having only won once in their last 6 games, while SCSU is on a mini-roll, winning their last three. Let the battle for 7th place commence!
WWN Says: Another series that isn't even close, as Tech easily beats SCSU. The average MTU fan: cute, short (mean) girls and tDarkness, who threatens collegiate players. The average SCSU fan: the oft-banned Rabib and DL, who might see a female breast someday.

Colorado College Tigers @ Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs

Summary: Neither of these teams have been that consistent lately, but the Tigers are in first place for a reason. I see them getting at worst a split, probably better. (Although a small part of me hopes for CC to tank and let UND take the MacNaughton...mainly to watch the whining that would transpire on the 'net should that happen)
WWN Says: Another easy one. The Bulldogs in a landslide. What are there, like 5 CC fans on the internet these days? And 3 of them are trolls. So UMD wins, despite the best efforts of RWD and her weird "points system".

Wisconsin Badgers @ Minnesota Gophers

Summary: The Badgers aren't exactly lighting the league on fire right now, but the Gophers haven't won in their last 6 games. Nevertheless, this is a rivalry series...and the Badgers want to solidify home ice while the Gophers want to get out of 9th place.
WWN Says: Seriously, who do I pick in this one? Maybe we should just hope for two ties. The makings of a good postseason: UW narrowly misses the NCAA tourney while hosting a regional and UMN misses both the F5 and the NCAA's. Ahh, much whining would follow... :)

Bemidji State Beavers @ North Dakota Fighting Sioux
WWN Says: The Beavers might actually keep one of these games close, but the Sioux will probably sweep. The big question: How many brawls are we going to see? And who's fault will it be? Probably the refs.

Nebraska-Omaha Mavericks @ Minnesota State Mavericks
WWN Says: I don't know any UNO fans. Which means that they automatically win due to the annoying efforts of LetsGoMavs. :)


LetsGoMavs said...

If I'm so annoying feel free to stay the hell off of my blog.

Also, way to be totally anonymous on your blog. Grow a pair and let us know who you are....other than someone who's jealous that "your team" isn't in the WCHA.

LetsGoMavs said...

Also, anyone can write a ranting and whining blog like this bashing everyone else. Try being original and writing a blog about your team and then we'll all come here and rip on you. Wow, just wow.

Also, bring it on buddy. I love nothing more than bickering with trolls like yourself.

Runninwiththedogs said...

Hey! I'm cute, too!

I hope that was whiny enough to win the award!

WinTwins57 said...

WWN, it must really suck that your team is so bad, you have nothing better to do than bash the WCHA. It's pretty pathetic actually that you have such an inferiority complex you created a blog just to tell the world about it! You should at least tell us who you cheer for so we can laugh at you - cuz that's what we do in the WCHA!

Dirty said...

This blog is awesome. I'm so adding you to my link list.

Runninwiththedogs said...

LOL Dirty I was going to do that as well. We can compete for WotW next week when we go head to head!

Dirty said...

I'm already gonna be in the lead because I'm pissed off I'm not coming to Duluth next week because no one will go with people. People suck and I'm going to whine all week about it.

Nin said...

I think you should win whiner of the week considering you devoted an entire blog to whining about the WCHA.

wwn said...

Man, after tonight's results you should realize that the WoTW isn't going to any of you.

And thanks for the add to your link list, Dirk. Much appreciated. :)

MeanEgirl said...

This is exciting!

Runninwiththedogs said...

F-ing Donald wins again.

Rabib said...

How in the hell did I get a mention in this?

Jon said...

Hockey sucks! There, I said it and I'll say it again. If that isn't enough to ge me a mention, I'll just give up now. (and it does suck. Really really bad)